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Vision Insurance

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EMA Vision Plus

$25.00 one-time
$15.95 per Month for Individual
$29.95 per Month for Family

  • Preventive/Diagnostic Services – 0% Coinsurance

    • Oral examinations
    • Cleanings Adult/Child
    • Fluoride
    • Sealants (permanent molars only)
    • Bitewing X­-rays
  • Basic Restorative Services – 20% Coinsurance

    • Full mouth series X-­rays
    • Restorative amalgam or composite
    • Routine tooth extraction
  • Major Restorative Services – 50% Coinsurance

    • Endodontics
    • Periodontics
    • Dentures
    • Crowns
    • Complex Extraction
    • Local anesthesia
    • Onlays
    • Implants

Focus® Plan Summary

Deductibles VSP Choice Network + Affiliates Out of Network
$10 Exam
$25 Eye Glass Lenses or Frames*
$10 Exam
$25 Eye Glass Lenses or Frames*
Annual Eye Exam Covered in full Upto $45
Lenses (per pair)
Single Vision Covered in full Up to $30
Bifocal Covered in full Up to $50
Trifocal Covered in full Up to $65
Lenticular Covered in full Up to $100
Progressive Covered in full NA
Contacts See lens options
Fit & Follow Up Exams Member cost up to $60 No benefit
Elective Up to $130 Up to $105
Medically Necessary Covered in full Up to $210
Frames $130* Up to $70
Frequencies (months) 12/12/24 12/12/24
Exam/Lens/Frame Based on date of service Based on date of service

*Deductible applies to a complete pair of glasses or to frames, whichever is selected.
**The Costco allowance will be the wholesale equivalent.

Lens Options (member cost)*

VSP Choice Network + Affiliates
(Other than Costco)
Out of Network
Progressive Lenses Up to provider’s contracted fee for Lined Bifocal Lenses.  The patient is responsible for the difference between the base lens and the Progressive Lens charge. Up to provider’s contracted fee for Lined Bifocal Lenses.
Std. Polycarbonate
Covered in full for dependent children No benefit
Solid Plastic Dye $30 adults
(except Pink I & II)
No benefit
Plastic Gradient Dye $17 No benefit
Photochromatic Lenses
(Glass & Plastic)
$31-$82 No benefit
Scratch Resistant Coating $17-$33 No benefit
Anti-Reflective Coating $43-$85 No benefit
Ultraviolet Coating
$16 No benefit

*Lens Option member costs vary by prescription, option chosen and retail locations.

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